north-Sardinian coast, clear turquoise water and in the background the Spanish Tower of Isola Rossathe Spanish Tower of Isola Rossa built around 1595 in the sunset

What to see in Sardinia near Isola Rossa

The best routes and sites in northern Sardinia

During your holiday you will be spoilt for choice on what to see in Sardinia and Isola Rossa. Here below just three of the most interesting sites you can discover in Northern Sardinia:


Just a few kilometers from Isola Rossa you can find Castelsardo, an important medieval center that is almost integral in its oldest part. The old town, perched on a hill beside the sea, has preserved its medieval fortress structure, with soaring bastions, steep stairways and a maze of narrow streets and alleys. On top of the plateau rises the Doria castle, which houses the Museum of Mediterranean Weaving. Do not miss the Diocesan Museum and its treasures from the 14th century.

Casteldoria Thermal Pools

Casteldoria Thermal waters were already known by the Romans for its beneficial properties. The thermal pools complex is located about 15 km from Castelsardo, between the sea and the Coghinas River. The natural hot thermal springs of saline-bromine-iodine waters flow at a temperature of 40 to 76°C.

Coghinas Lake

In the inland, fantastic valleys and rich vineyards surround the Coghinas Lake, the main reservoir of the area, perfect place for long walks, fishing, and canoes excursions.